Global Leadership Programme: "Tackling Global Diets to Curb Greenhouse Gas Emissions"

London, United Kingdom

Tue May 05 2015

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As part of the Churchill 2015 Global Leadership Programme, Chatham House hosted a panel discussion on 'Tackling Global Diets to Curb Greenhouse Gas Emissions'.

Ahead of climate change negotiations in Paris in December, the panellists explored how the livestock sector contributes to global greenhouse gas emissions. The speakers argued that rising meat consumption will affect governments’ ability to achieve international climate goals and that urgent action needs to be taken to address global demand for meat and dairy products. Drawing on the findings of a survey commissioned by Chatham House and undertaken by IPSOS Mori, the speakers examined global public awareness of the impact of dietary choices on the environment and considered how diets could be shifted away from meat and dairy. Their report for Churchill 2015’s 21st Century Statesmanship Programme will be available this summer. For more information, and audio highlights from the event, please visit the Chatham House website.

About Churchill 2015 - Joining the Dots for 21st Century Statesmanship

2015 is the fiftieth anniversary of Sir Winston Churchill’s death and the seventy-fifth anniversary of his ‘finest hour’ in 1940 when he became Prime Minister. To commemorate this anniversary the aim of this 21st century statesmanship programme, with The Rt Hon Sir John Major KG CH as the Patron, is to provide a fitting tribute to Churchill’s memory and his legacy as a world statesman and to put the finger on today’s top-level strategic issues.

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