Churchill, Attlee and the Generals

London, UK

Thu Jan 19 2017

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  • Public
  • Lecture

Roger Hermiston will tell the story of the political and military leaders who steered Britain through its darkest hour, showing how they helped to win the Second World War. He’ll explore how Clement Attlee, Anthony Eden, Ernest Bevin and, above all, Winston Churchill mobilised the country for war and plotted its course with generals and admirals such as Brooke, Montgomery, Alexander and Mountbatten.

With strong personalities placed in an atmosphere of constant tension, relationships between the service chiefs and the war cabinet were never going to be easy. Roger Hermiston’s talk will evoke memories of the lively debates that took place in the cabinet room at 10 Downing Street and in the corridors of Whitehall.

Roger Hermiston is a writer and journalist. He’ll be signing copies of his latest book ‘All Behind You, Winston’ which will be on sale following the event.

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Army & Navy Club
36-39 Pall Mall

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